Scoop me. Whisk me. Love me.

Add a heaping scoop for a strong buzz, or a smaller spoonful for mellow vibes. Enjoy Hygge bee hot or cold, I'll go perfectly with your favorite liquid.


Scoop Hygge Bee into your mug.

I like to put 1/2 teaspoon of me for 1 dl of my favorite liquid. However, you should go ahead and find your sweet spot!

Add a splash of water and whisk until I’m smooth.

Mixing the powder with a small amount of hot water will help you in getting rid of chunks and lumps. Teaspoon is just fine for this, but use Hygge Bee's frother to achieve absolute smoothness. 

Stir in more water, milk, or liquid of your choice.

Fill your mug with whatever suites you best. Go for a latte with hot milk, or a cold brew with water and ice. I'm extra sweet with honey, of course.

How do you Hygge?

Queen bees are always coming up with new ways to enjoy Hygge Bee. Here are a few favorites:


Matcha coffee + hot water + splash of oat milk = Café au lait

Matcha coffee + hot oat milk = Latte

Matcha coffee + hot water = Espresso

Matcha coffee + cold water + ice cubes = Cold brew matcha coffee

Matcha coffee + cold milk + ice cubes = Frappe

Matcha coffee + Chai spices + hot almond milk = Chai latte

Matcha coffee + frozen berries + coconut milk = Superfood smoothie


Find more thorough instructions from my blog.
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The Hive

That was just the tip of the ice berg. See how others hygge and get more ideas on how to consume me. If you come up with something to buzz about, let the others know it too.



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