Life's too short to drink bad... anything

A pinch of matcha, a dash of brilliance.
I’m out to change the way you drink coffee (hello from Finland!).


I didn’t just set out to be an unusually good green tea - coffee mix...

I also set out to be an unusually good cuppa’ matcha. I wanted to taste delicious, be easy to make, and add a splash of healthy green goodness all around.


I looked high and low for the perfect matcha tea powder- but I didn’t like the bitter taste, the funky color, or the chunky texture.


So I flew to Uji, Japan, to find the world’s best matcha. Soon, everyone wanted a sip... and Hygge Bee was born.


Now, I’m a growing line of matcha tea powder - coffee mixes.

Matcha tea powder: green tea on steroids

Unlike brewed tea, matcha is made from powdered green tea leaves. You consume the whole leaf and all its delightful benefits when you enjoy a cup. Just one scoop of pure me is equal to 10 cups of green tea.

Could I be the new coffee?

A scoop of matcha coffee mix has the caffeine of a shot of espresso, so you’ll enjoy a pick-me-up without the jitters. Plus, the zing of matcha lasts longer, so you won’t crash midday.

My, you look slim

Green tea contains EGCG, which can increase visceral temperature. You’ll burn more calories without extra effort.

The Hive

I'm a social fellow. I like to swap tasty matcha - coffee recipes and see which one of my friends has the fluffiest milk froth moustache. Let me know what's your favorite way to consume me.



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