Coffee or Tea?

Actually they are best together!


I’m a Finnish-made powdered green tea (matcha ) - coffee -mix, that gives you the best of both worlds! Plus I taste great and I'm super convenient.


I give you the caffeine boost with longer-lasting zing, doze of green tea with benefits and leave you with fresh breath!


Drink me hot or cold with your favorite liquid or mix me with basically anything.


I’m for queen bees who want an easy, healthy way to fly through their day.


Enjoy me in place of your usual cuppa’ Joe.

Here is how I'm different in a nutshell


I’m tasty and full of antioxidants to amp up your health. And my delicious blend of coffee and matcha keeps your caffeine level steady for all-day energy. Enjoy me in place of your usual cuppa’ Joe.


Coffee is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, so you’ll feel more alert and energetic. And this roasted, powdered bean helps burn body fat.  


Matcha wakes you up smoothly with a clean caffeine lift that’ll keep you going. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants.


Vanilla adds a hint of sweetness, so you’ll enjoy a great taste from first sip to last chug.


Cardamom, In addition to adding great flavor, it freshens your breath. It’s like a built-in breath mint.

How to fix me

I like to put 1/2 teaspoon of me for 1 dl of my favorite liquid.

Serves about 40 cups.

Enjoy your coffee, now with the healthy buzz of matcha


Ways to enjoy

Here are a few favorites:

Matcha coffee + hot water + splash of oat milk

= Au lait

Matcha coffee + hot oat milk

= Latte

Matcha coffee + hot water

= Espresso

Matcha coffee + cold water + ice cubes

= Cold brew

Matcha coffee + cold milk + ice cubes

= Frappe

Matcha coffee + Chai spices + hot almond milk

= Chai latte

Matcha coffee + frozen berries + coconut milk

= Superfood smoothie